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Title: Nirvana
Author: J.R. Stewart
Rating: 3.5/5, rounded up

For the first time since I started reviewing, I have to take out an old review and post a new one. This book has been significantly rewritten (or very well edited) since summer 2015. I had gotten the ARC and had rated it two stars.   I have removed my previous review to make way for this one, which reflects the current book.

Due to the extinction of bees, the earth can no longer grow its own food, and must rely on Big Brother-type of corporation, Hexagon, to survive. Kenders is a teenage girl, fiancée of one of Hexagon’s top programmers, Andrew. When Andrew disappears, seemingly leaving behind only a charred body, Kenders must separate reality from fiction in her own life to find the truth about Hexagon’s involvement.
This is now a very fast-paced dystopian book with a relatable main character who is the perfect balance between a girl who is hunting for the truth, and one who tumbles along with what life throws at her. Kenders and Andrew both became much better developed characters. While one of my previous complaints was that many of the characters were faceless and hard to recognize, I could now easily follow along with the book and put a face to the name. I appreciate following the heroine and the villain in this story — the point of view is wonderfully done.
The storyline is clear, and although it can sometimes be a bit jarring because of the fast pace, it is also understandable. I enjoyed it, this time around, and I would recommend this book after all. I might even pick up the sequel to see what the author does with this series, because it could very well become another bestseller in the dystopian fan base.

Thanks to Blue Moon Publishers for offering me the chance to reread this edited version!