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Title: Hanover House (Hanover House Chronicles, 0.5)
Author: Brenda Novak
Review: 5/5

Psychiatrist Evelyn Talbot is an expert in the field of psychopaths, but not only because of her studies — she’s lived through it herself. Raped and tortured by a boyfriend when she was just sixteen, she pushes through all her fears and insecurities and becomes a psychiatrist working with the country’s worst psychopaths, despite the constant fear that they never did find that boyfriend. Now, as she works to open Hanover House, a medical health centre for these criminals, she must fight against both these fears and the hostility from the townspeople who aren’t fond of having such an institution near them.

I could resume this novella, the start to this series, with three words: sign me up!

I am very, very excited to read more of this story — it leaves you starving for more in one of the best cliffhangers I’ve read this year. It’s the perfect teaser for what is sure to become a bestselling thriller series. From the plot to the dialogue, Novak has written a thriller that will keep you captivated from beginning to end.

I particularly have to say that the characters are all very strong. Evelyn is someone we can both sympathize with and then root for, while Sergeant Amarok is the perfect bad boy/gentleman for her. They are sure to make a dynamic team! Meanwhile, Novak writes her villains so well that I sometimes had to put the book down to remind myself that I was just reading a novel. I do have to admit that this book made me double-check the locks on my door before bed.

I would highly recommend this book to any adult who wants a good teaser into an upcoming series that’s sure to be a hit! I’d like to thank Brenda Novak, as well as Netgalley, for the free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.