Title: Every Day

Author: David Levithan

Rating: 5/5
I apparently can’t resume this book without quite literally spilling every single detail I remember from it, so I will keep it extremely brief. This is the story of A, a genderless soul/being (?) that wakes up every single day in the body of someone new. A can access the body’s memories and tries to live the person’s life without disrupting… until he inhabits the body of Justin, a high school boy with a beautiful girlfriend named Rhiannon. A falls for her and the novel expresses their relationship through many sets of eyes as time advances.
This was my favourite book so far this year. 


It’s a YA love story that’s unlike anything you’ve ever read before. It reads like a collection of short stories (since every body has their quirks, personalities, social settings, race, sexuality, etc. It’s a LGBT-friendly book that explores gender and sexuality fluidity beautifully. A can wake up in the body of an overweight man, a beautiful Beyoncé lookalike, a gay teenage boy during a pride parade, a depressed girl a few days away from suicide, and it goes on and on. It’s so interesting to see the different personalities, and how Rhiannon reacts to them. 


A lot of the passages are philosophical and made me stop and think. The entire book is so well written and so well thought out that I read it in just a few hours. You must suspend some incredibility at times, and the world building leaves a lot of questions unanswered, but the story itself is such a treat that it’s easy to overlook the minor, very minor, parts that could be tweaked. The urge to know who A will wake up as the next day will keep you flipping page after page, and you’ll be done this book in no time. 
The companion book to this one is the same story through Rhiannon’s eyes. It is called “Another Day” and it’s expected to be published in late August 2015. I have received a copy from Netgalley, so expect a review to emerge in the next few days!