Title: Eyes on You

Author: Kate White

Rating 3/5


This quirky book might look like a romance novel from the cover, but it’s actually a mystery novel… with a fairly sized romantic subplot. It’s the story of a middle-aged woman named Robin who rebuilds her life after a painful divorce by both becoming the co-star of a talk show and by publishing a book about the secrets kept by women. 


What soon becomes clear is that a woman (or man?) in Robin’s life is clearly hiding a secret of her own. Nasty notes and frightening objects are left for Robin to find, and her mind immediately goes to the woman who publicly displays hatred for Robin… But then loyalties are tested, and Robin finds herself analyzing her every relationship as the threats intensify. 


It was a nice “who-dun-it” book that I read pretty fast once I got into it. The first chapter will hook you, and you immediately get a good sense of Robin’s personality as she manoeuvres through her party in her so-called “fuck-you shoes”. It is pretty easy to guess who’s done it, but there are a few loops that will make you second-guess yourself enough that the development will still come as a surprise. Is it chick-lit though — please don’t expect too much depth from any character.


It did get a bit confusing at one point because there are a lot of characters. Their title is only mentioned once or twice, so their faces might become a bit blurred. Also, I found myself stopping now and then because there seemed to be a lot of repetition. Everyone wears white jeans/pants. Robin feels “queasy” all the time. I sometimes felt like I was reading the same sentences over and over again.


All in all, it was a good mystery and a decent book. It wasn’t a story that took my breath away, but it wasn’t terrible either. I’d recommend picking it up at a library for a summer read!