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 Title: Grimm Memories (Grimm Tales #2)
Author: Janna Jennings
Rating 4/5

 Andi, Quinn, Fredrick, and Dylan return to Elorium in this second installment in Jennings’s Grimm Tales series, but this time, voluntarily. Their goal is to rescue Jack, Fredrick’s grandfather, but the world they fall into isn’t exactly the same as the one they left behind. Some characters have died, some have gone missing, and the deeper the characters delve into Elorium, the more they realize that something’s gone wrong. Not that two of them couldn’t tell that something was up — Andi and Dylan began to experience terrifyingly unsettling nightmares that evoke feelings that often linger past the moment they awake. Are those nightmares linked to the strange events in Elorium?

So this book has a lot of answers that I didn’t even know I wanted to have after the first book. You find out a lot about the past of secondary characters, and I really liked how Jennings brought these minor characters back so we get to see what became of them. There were many new characters, however, and they were all delights. Once again, the author’s use of tropes from the Grimm Fairy Tales was done beautifully — although I did miss Cinderella — and makes me really regret not picking up a copy of the original tales to get acquainted with them.

I found that the balance between the characters was perfect, and a vast improvement from the first book. Everyone got their moments to shine, and I could finally gain insight in their own personalities. Great character development, especially on Fredrick’s part. I also liked the involvement of Quinn’s brother (Max), despite early doubts.

Why four stars if it’s so good? In my review of the first book, I complained that the novel felt disjointed, and I still have that feeling. There were some sentences and entire paragraphs that could’ve been improved to flow better. At this point, I wonder if it might just be the author’s style that clashes with personal preference, but I hate having to back up in a book because I fear I missed something.

Overall, it was a great improvement from the first book. The character development, plot, lovely balance of genres (there’s romance and it’s well done!! No love triangles! Slow build up! Finally someone who does it well! Not to spoil anything, but there’s a kiss in there, and I squealed!), were all improved in this second volume.

To be honest, I hadn’t expected to read past the second book (since I had received both at the same time), but I found myself searching whether or not there was a third book. I was delighted to find that we’ll be gifted with a third and a fourth tome of this series. I want to keep reading about those characters, and hopefully by then I will have better knowledge of the Grimm Fairy Tales.

Go read it, guys. You’ll like it.

I’d like to thank Netgalley, as well as Patchwork Press, for the free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.