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Title: A Grimm Legacy (Grimm Tales #1)
Author: Janna Jennings
Rating 3/5

This is the story of four modern-day teenagers who claim their individual legacies. One by one, they vanish from their world only to appear in Elorium, and they each must find what story of the Grimm Fairy Tales that they have to complete. The book is structured by blocks: you first get a chapter for each character to properly introduce them, and then it is separated by fairy tales as the characters make their way through the stories.

My first criticism would have to be that this book is disjointed at times; I sometimes would go back to make sure I hadn’t missed a few paragraphs somewhere. I did have some trouble following the full storyline, but generally, it was alright. The plot could definitely have been tighter.

I felt that the characters were a bit “blah” — it took me a while to differentiate Frederick and Dylan. I couldn’t pull up physical portraits of the characters, as they were too briefly described in my opinion. For some reason, it was easier for me to pick the two girls apart… Maybe it was because I could associate Andi with Cinderella right away, so poor Quinn becomes “the other girl.” This is non-surprising since Andi seems to be pegged as the protagonist, but the focus shifts so much between four characters that she could easily be mistaken for a secondary character. Moreover, I’ve never read Grimm, so I couldn’t associate any other character with its story, although I could recognize many popular fairytale elements recurring through the novel. Perhaps that was the reason I became so easily attached to Andi, and the other characters faded a bit in the background.

Speaking of Cinderella… That had to be my favourite part of the book. While I found that some parts were a little bit long to read, I just flew right through that arc! Honestly, I would’ve read an entire novel based just on that part of the book. I feel like Jennings herself was very enthusiastic about it, and it showed through her writing. The other arcs were fillers, as far as I was concerned, but the Cinderella arc was an amazing treat.

Nevertheless of the 3/5 stars, if you are a fan of YA literature and of the Grimm Fairy Tales, I would recommend this book to you. I’m even looking forward to reading the second book in the installment; a review will be posted soon.

I would like to thank Netgalley, as well as Patchwork Press, for the free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.