Title: Coin Heist
Author: Elisa Ludwig
Rating: 3.5/5, rounded down

Alice, the geeky math girl with a nonexistent social life.

Jason, the stoner with a band who is sort of popular.

Dakota, the popular girl who’s involved in everything.

Benny, the football player on scholarship who came from a poor part of town.

Four unlikely companions, but when Jason’s father steals every dime from the school’s assets and risks these four adolescent’s futures, they become unlikely accomplices in a criminal after school curricular.

They will hack into the mint.

I rated this book 3,5 because it’s so cliched it’s almost sad. I think there’s one plot twist you don’t expect to happen and that’s it. After the first four chapters, you can pretty much map out the rest of the book.

… But It’s actually pretty good.

I’m not even being sarcastic. The book is funny, with quite a few laugh out loud moments. I honestly learnt to appreciate every character, with a small tilt towards appreciating Alice more than the others. These characters are all flawed and have their qualities; I was impressed with the complexity they held for a teenager (pre-teen even, perhaps?) novel. They’re all very believable and I hope you’ll learn to love them the same way I did.

The book is written in chapters, with the characters each narrating by turn. This helps give you insight on each of the character’s thoughts and personality and doesn’t leave much to guess.

I liked seeing their little plan unfold. It’s quite unbelievable at times but, for some reason, it managed to amuse me. I was excited to see how their scheme would end up, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Overall, it was an alright book. Nothing too spectacular. A pre-teen or younger teenager would probably enjoy it.

I would like to thank Netgalley, as well as Adaptive Books, for the free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.