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Title: The Academy: First Days
Author: C. L. Stone
Rating: 4/5

Sang Sorenson’s adventures in her new public high school begin. This novel expands on her first week as a new student, where she is immediately singled out as a target by rather inconsiderate fellow students. How could she not? The seven guys she meets in “Introductions” are constantly surrounding her. Their vibe is different from the rest of the crowd and they soon begin to feel the brunt of the bullying. Meanwhile, Sang begins to slowly untangle the mystery of the Academy and its purpose.

I can’t believe I’m rating this so high and I can’t believe that I’ll most likely buy the third book in the series. Honestly, it lost a star because it’s just so melodramatic at times and completely unrealistic. I mean, come on, Sang innocently wonders why people look at her funny… while she’s the only girl in a group of seven incredulously handsome men who are always holding her hand, playing with her hair, carrying her, buying her expensive gifts, etc. Who wouldn’t make assumptions? Actually, the entire male population seems to want her, though it probably is the same reaction you’d expect when you see something everyone has but you don’t. The boys are so protective of her that it surely causes the interest of many other guys out there. If you read the book, expect that everyone wants Sang.

It doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy the book. This is guilty pleasure reading, just as book one. I’m seriously torn between really wanting her to pick one and get that solid relationship that’s sure to come from one of these boys and hoping that she’ll grow to be close friends with every one of them. The boys are each their own well-crafted individual, but they are also such a tight-knit group that the dynamics between them kept me wanting more.

I’m hooked, I’ll admit it. I’m so curious to know whether or not the Academy will step in to interfere with Sang’s family. Once again, agoraphobia is portrayed beautifully. The author is careful to keep things from developing too quickly and I’m grateful for that.
On a side note, I’ve received the first book from the spin-off series from Netgalley. You can expect that review coming up in a month or two!

Thanks for reading!