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Title: The Death Cure
Author: James Dashner
Rating: 3/5

I’m not going to give a synopsis this time because 1) this isn’t a Netgalley review and 2) because I’m sure to give an overwhelming amount of spoilers. I’ll also give a short review only for the same reasons.

Not to spoil, but you don’t get all the answers you’re looking for. You get a few answers at the beginning and a few at the end, and you can look at other Goodreads review to see summaries of unanswered questions, but I was disappointed. There are gaping plot holes that should’ve been filled. This book doesn’t give you a sense of completion whatsoever.

I didn’t like this book. Now, you will all glace at my 3/5 rating and consider me crazy, but there’s sense in my madness. I didn’t like it because I didn’t expect the series to turn out this way and I’m rather disappointed that it did. The plot itself did not engage me whatsoever. Most people feel that way in the third book of a dystopian trilogy since it’s usually the book when rebels face the leaders instead of being oppressed by the system. I usually love these books, but this one just fell flat.

Character development wise, I was both thrilled and disappointed. Dashner did absolutely amazing work with some characters –cough-NewtMinho-cough- and absolutely terribly with some –cough-TheresaArisBrenda-cough-. I didn’t like the way Thomas’ attitude shifted drastically from the first book to the third and I was disappointed with the lack of coherence that the characters seemed to have. I understand there must be some sort of transition, but he didn’t even seem like the same character anymore. Perhaps it was Dashner’s intent, but I personally didn’t like it.

Chancellor Paige’s memo at the end is the novel’s redeeming feature. I almost chucked the book out when I read the last page, but I took a breather and read the epilogue/memo in good faith. It saves the book so please take the time to read it.

Now, you’ll all be glancing once more at the rating and then at my awful review and wonder what’s going on. Well, guys, I’ve started the fourth book, prequel to the series, because I still have some shred of hope that Dashner will tie up the plot holes. Despite my opinion, I still can’t let go of the characters; if there was a sequel to the series I’d probably pick it up. My library doesn’t have “Thomas’s First Memory of the Flare”, which is book 2.5 if I remember correctly, but chances are that I’ll order that one in also. I’m not giving up yet on this series! There has to be answers somewhere…

I’m still excited to watch the movie in September, so I guess “The Death Cure” wasn’t so bad since it didn’t ruin the series completely… I’ll review “The Kill Order” as soon as I’m done reading it!