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Title: Sempre

Author: J.M. Darhower

Rating: 5/5


This thrilling romance series introduces Haven, a seventeen year old slave purchased by Dr. Vincent DeMarco to clean and cook for him, and her trials as she struggles to find freedom. When compared to her previous Master, Vincent and his two sons, Dominic and Carmine, are decent and seem to want to offer her the chance to escape the kind of life she was born into.


Vincent wants nothing more than to step away from the mafia and the terrible actions he has committed in his life. As he struggles to choose between his promise to himself and his promise to the “family”, Vincent both makes mistakes and redeems himself repeatedly through the book. His brother-in-law Corrado and he beautifully represent the way that the exterior and the interior of a person can differ.


Carmine and Haven then fall in love despite Carmine’s brash, crude attitude and Haven’s shy nature. Their relationship is beautiful and very realistic despite the situation they are in – the author depicts a beautiful love story of two individuals willing to change for a relationship to work.


The ending gave me shivers. The book wraps itself quite well, but there’s just this lingering last plot point that’s still waiting to be explained. I will most probably keep an eye out for the next book! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a book that’ll both keep them on the edge of their seat, but who also want to enjoy a beautiful story of love and redemption.


I would like to thank Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books, as well as Netgalley, for the free Advanced Reader’s Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!