I’ve always had a guilty wish to become a critic. I have the books to read, I have the opinion that goes with reading, so why should I not review books? I had also heard of WordPress, but never really gave thought to blog my book reviews. Lo and behold, why not connect the two together?

Me, a blogger… how did that happen? How glamorous!

The idea began when I received, from Aspendawn Books and Netgalley, my (first!) free copy of Suzanne Perazzini’s novel Fierce Minds. I have also applied to quite a few other publishing houses for novels to review, and I’m crossing my fingers for my chance to read and review novels for them. While most are usually looking for experienced bloggers, I hope to win them over by flattery. Here, publishers, I am turning into a blogger just for you!

And I am darn excited about it!

Let the adventure begin!